Thursday, August 6, 2009

4th of July

We spent the 4th with George in Austin, which changed things up a bit from being able to shoot things at the house, to having to go somewhere to watch the fireworks. I am good either way, just as long as I see fireworks.

George's apartment there in Austin is just down the road from the Dell Diamond where the minor league Round Rock team plays. We headed down there because we heard there was going to be an awesome show there, and they did NOT disappoint. We headed down towards the ballpark and decided to park on the side of the road. We happened to pick an excellent spot right close to where they lit off the fireworks...

I have to say, that we all got a little "testy" with George because he just wouldn't park the car how we wanted him to, or should I say how I wanted him to. I wanted to sit out the back and see the fireworks from there, where he wanted to stay in the truck and see them from inside. What a patient and awesome husband I have.... He finally caved into my desires.. Bless his heart!! I love him to death!!!

In the end we all enjoyed the night... Hope you enjoy some of the pics too!!!

(Logan was reading a book and didnt' want to get where we were until the show actually started...Booger!!)

The boys are checking out the start of the fireworks show!

Crawdad time

I have lived in Texas most of my life, but only about 6 years total in North Texas. I have heard of crawdads, usually in association with cajun cooking, and I actually thought they were large shrimp.. I was WAAAYYY off! They are tiny lobsters as I came to find out!!

George and Jeremy went out crawdad fishing after one of our crazy North Texas storms and found what they said was a HUGE crawdad. They decided to bring it to me so I could see what the little fellas look like... Very interesting, but I just don't believe I could ever be as brave as George was as he picked up him up.. No way, no zay...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

We headed down to Austin for Mother's Day so we could be with George. That was the best present I could have received! These days, every day we can spend with George is so precious!

The boys went out and surprised me with flowers they had chosen!!! I absolutely loved what they picked for me!!! I am so lucky to be the mom to these three boys! I love them with all of my heart! You are awesome boys!!!!

Since it was Mother's Day, I thought it would be the best time to get a few picks with my boys! Here are some of my favs!

Lastly, but definately not least, is a picture with George! I love him so much! It is so true what peole say..... The longer you are married the more you love each other! Thanks George for loving me!!!

I thought I should say something about my mom! I just had the pleasure of spending the 2 weeks before Mother's Day with my mom.. I so appreciated having time with just her! Thanks mom for being you! You had to put up with a lot while I grew up and I am so grateful you were so patient! I love you!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pictures from times past

My life seems to never be dull these days.. Just when I was committed to posting more, with a little friendly "poke" from a friend, my computer hasn't wanted to cooperate with me.. In some ways this is good. I moved the boys computer up to where mine was, and I am glad I did, because I found some of the cutest pics of the boys from so long ago to just a couple of years ago.

Here are some pictures of the boys when we lived in El Paso. Andrew was 2 and Logan was 5. I was about 4 months pregnat with Jeremy. The quality of the pictures is lacking big time, but that's part of what makes them so special. (what is so funny is that the camera at the time was the top of the line...)

The above picture was in Utah. The boys were about 5 1/2 and 3 1/2..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Posting a blog for fear of BOYCOTT

Well, I was ordered by a "certain someone" to get a blog posted or else..... there would be boycotting!!! Can you believe that??? Jenni, I love you, and this is for you girl!!!

Our crazy life and a busted computer has prevented me from posting. Now I know the first part of my excuse really doesn't cut it because everyone has a busy life... But the second part of my excuse, well, to be honest is excusable...... I hope!! My internet/computer got sick due to some spyware.... I still don't get why loosers sit at home and even create these things to give so many of us so much misery... I did get smart and decided to move the boys computer back to where my sick computer was, so I can get back on the internet..

Well, since my "novel" of an excuse is done, I guess I'll update everyone on our life!!!

We are having to sell our home.... :( There just isn't a job for George here, believe me we tried really, really hard to stay, but no go... I guess the Lord needs us to go to Austin. I must admit, that I am soooooooo ready to be with my husband again!!!

I know that there are so many in the ward that have heard our sad story, again and again and again, so I want to apologize for that... Someday we will move... I know we have said this for over 18 months, but for some reason the Lord has us here.. I KNOW He is so aware of us, and will provide for us.

I know this is minus pictures, but when George comes home this weekend, I'll have some really cute mom's day pictures we took with the boys!!!

PLEASE don't boycott me!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeremy's 9th Birthday

I am very bad at getting things posted on a timely basis, so here are pics of Jeremy's birthday from January 5, 2009. Sadly, his birthday landed on the day they went back from Christmas vacation, but I think he was still able to enjoy it.

Jeremy got a V-Rocker chair which has speakers in it so you can attach it to a t.v., to watch movies, or you can attach it to video games to get a "surround sound" feel. Daddy gave him a $40 gift card from Gamestop. He also wanted a Star Wars Lego set, which he got belated because I always forget that after Christmas stores just run out of those types of toys. No kidding, I checked online and every store I could, everyone was out of stock. All in all, it was a great day!!

I do have to explain one thing... I probably will get the "most horrible mom" award because I forgot his cake!! And the only reason I am confessing this is because you see the cupcakes in the pictures. We had to have something to put candles in and sing Happy Birthday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Logan's Birthday

We celebrated Logan's 14th birthday in Austin with just the family. Don't know how much he liked that, but we tried to have a good time! I just can't believe how old he is!! My how time flies! I still remember so vividly driving home from the hospital with him, and it really hit me that this was MY baby and I was going to be the one responsible for him and all of his needs!! I was very scared!! He turned out pretty good!! Love the guy!!!! Enough reminiscing.....

We headed over to Main Event and let the boys do lazer tag and some climbing. They seemed to have a blast. The climbing was actually very reasonably priced, something we would definitely do again!

This was a very special birthday for him because he received a cell phone. We said we wouldn't get him one until he was 16, but there have been a couple of times this school year that I was wishing he had one, so we caved...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Texas Capital at Austin

We decided on Christmas day to head over to the Capital for a couple of reasons. One, we have never been walking around the grounds.(except for George in the 8th grade, still kind of a new experience since it had been so long. Sorry for saying that George.) Two, we knew it wouldn't be so crowded.. and three, well because it was fun!!

Visiting Lake Georgetown

The weather in Austin is typical Texas weather, which we so much enjoy this time of year!!! WARM!! I so am a Texas girl! While we were with George we headed over to a Lake there and spent some time taking some pics.. We met a family there that is LDS when we arrived. They too were taking advantage of the wonderful weather and were taking a hike!

As you saw in our Christmas pics, the boys all got cameras so Logan was truly enjoying taking some pictures. Andrew was just loving being outside so he was our leader. Since he was ahead of everyone else, we just kind of followed him. Jeremy was enjoying being a subject for daddy!!! (you'll see and enjoy their "picture time")

Christmas Time with Daddy

This past Christmas we went down to Austin to spend time with Daddy. It turned out to be quite an experience having Christmas in a hotel, but the boys were pretty good sports about it, and it will definitely be one that we all remember. The most important thing was that we were together as a family!

We also enjoyed a little bit of Christmas from Titi!! She is the boys aunt who lives in Virginia!! She also gives the coolest gifts because she just knows everyone in the family and each gift is so perfect for each person!! The boys also received guns that shoot marshmellows, which we laughed so hard seeing and hearing the boys shot the marshmellows out. (they make a sound somewhat like a bodily function as they come out.. you know what happens with that and boys!!) They also received a knot tying game, very cool..

The planes I must say were a huge hit! We all got a kick out of playing with them. The weather was so Perfect that we went outside immediately to test them out! Thanks so much Titi, we love you GOBS!!!