Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cascade Caves

I keep my blog up kind of like I keep up on my journal.. I want to do better at posting some of the happenings in our life! I'll try to do better! (we'll see how that goes right?)

This past Easter weekend we spent time with George in San Antonio while he was doing some training. We drove out on Saturday just to see some of the sights, and we kind of literally fell on Cascade Cave, or what I like to call a mini Carlsbad Caverns. I was a little skeptical because when we got there it was pretty abandoned, or should I say just wasn't as active like it seemed it had been in the past. It kind of reminded me of a scary movie and everyone who could be watching would be saying "DON'T GO IN THERE!!!" I figured I was with my "protector" so nothing bad would happen to us.... There goes my wild imagination!! Must get it from my boys!!

In the end, the boys really loved it! Jeremy kept saying how he was so happy we did it... Anyways, here are some of the shots we got to take there.. I am bummed about one thing.... George is not in a single shot! We will have to fix that next time!

As we drove into the park there was a sign letting us know that "REX" was up ahead..

I call this my Grand Canyon bra!!

I love these types of billboards!!! Should of got one with George!

Sometimes it is so hard to get these guys to make faces with me!!!

The scary entrance to the cave. Past the benches and fence in the background there is what used to be a pool. How do I know, you say?? Well, you can see the outline of it and there is a step ladder that looks like it would go down into a pool. So the place used to be hip and happening. Should of taken a pic of the pool. :(

Billy our guide explaining the hole we are looking down into. Eventually we will be looking up from the whole!

Starting our decent down to the cave!!

And we kept going down.

The same hole, but now peaking up! That Billy was right!

I know it doesn't show, but I truly was interested...

One of the funniest things of the tour, was that Andrew stuck to the guide. I think he liked being in front, but what made it so funny was because I have never seen Andrew ask so many questions. He was making Billy work for his money that day!! Good job Andrew!

An area of the cave they call "soda straws"..

The ceiling was so low we had to stoop. I feel sorry for anyone over 5'5"...

Billy was explaining to us that this particular little pool was very interesting. When you put your hand in normal water the light will bend your fingers but in this pool they basically disappear. One of the few areas in the cave that humans can touch since the oils from our fingers damage the rocks. Notice the drops of water on Billy's clothes, we all got wet as we walked through the areas. This is one of the fastest growing caves in Texas because it is so moist. Every now and then you'd feel the drops on your head..

This is another interesting part of our pathway.

Billy sharing more of his cave knowledge.. Wish I could remember what part of the tour this was.. Sorry!

Okay this is really, really cool. If you were to look at the center of the picture and from the center look in a SW direction, you would see a skull. Pretty cool huh??

These are called the "twins". They are expected to touch in 250 years (and that's considered fast!)

This is where our journey brought us!

Tried to show a shot that would help you see just how huge the room was!

My "amazed" look! (Think I'll stay away from acting!)

Water was "cascading"down these rocks. You can't see it very well, but it was so beautiful to see and hear.

Andrew the venturer. He headed out towards the cascading water, which created the pool of water to the left of him..

Jeremy checking out a whole which contained remains of a mastodon husk.

The hike back out of the cave sure tuckered out the guys.. What's up with that?? I gotta get these boys exercising!!!

All that hiking made me hungry!!!

Jeremy doing what he does best! Being himself!!!

What a great time we had! Hopefully there will be more blogging to come!