Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeremy's 9th Birthday

I am very bad at getting things posted on a timely basis, so here are pics of Jeremy's birthday from January 5, 2009. Sadly, his birthday landed on the day they went back from Christmas vacation, but I think he was still able to enjoy it.

Jeremy got a V-Rocker chair which has speakers in it so you can attach it to a t.v., to watch movies, or you can attach it to video games to get a "surround sound" feel. Daddy gave him a $40 gift card from Gamestop. He also wanted a Star Wars Lego set, which he got belated because I always forget that after Christmas stores just run out of those types of toys. No kidding, I checked online and every store I could, everyone was out of stock. All in all, it was a great day!!

I do have to explain one thing... I probably will get the "most horrible mom" award because I forgot his cake!! And the only reason I am confessing this is because you see the cupcakes in the pictures. We had to have something to put candles in and sing Happy Birthday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Logan's Birthday

We celebrated Logan's 14th birthday in Austin with just the family. Don't know how much he liked that, but we tried to have a good time! I just can't believe how old he is!! My how time flies! I still remember so vividly driving home from the hospital with him, and it really hit me that this was MY baby and I was going to be the one responsible for him and all of his needs!! I was very scared!! He turned out pretty good!! Love the guy!!!! Enough reminiscing.....

We headed over to Main Event and let the boys do lazer tag and some climbing. They seemed to have a blast. The climbing was actually very reasonably priced, something we would definitely do again!

This was a very special birthday for him because he received a cell phone. We said we wouldn't get him one until he was 16, but there have been a couple of times this school year that I was wishing he had one, so we caved...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Texas Capital at Austin

We decided on Christmas day to head over to the Capital for a couple of reasons. One, we have never been walking around the grounds.(except for George in the 8th grade, still kind of a new experience since it had been so long. Sorry for saying that George.) Two, we knew it wouldn't be so crowded.. and three, well because it was fun!!

Visiting Lake Georgetown

The weather in Austin is typical Texas weather, which we so much enjoy this time of year!!! WARM!! I so am a Texas girl! While we were with George we headed over to a Lake there and spent some time taking some pics.. We met a family there that is LDS when we arrived. They too were taking advantage of the wonderful weather and were taking a hike!

As you saw in our Christmas pics, the boys all got cameras so Logan was truly enjoying taking some pictures. Andrew was just loving being outside so he was our leader. Since he was ahead of everyone else, we just kind of followed him. Jeremy was enjoying being a subject for daddy!!! (you'll see and enjoy their "picture time")

Christmas Time with Daddy

This past Christmas we went down to Austin to spend time with Daddy. It turned out to be quite an experience having Christmas in a hotel, but the boys were pretty good sports about it, and it will definitely be one that we all remember. The most important thing was that we were together as a family!

We also enjoyed a little bit of Christmas from Titi!! She is the boys aunt who lives in Virginia!! She also gives the coolest gifts because she just knows everyone in the family and each gift is so perfect for each person!! The boys also received guns that shoot marshmellows, which we laughed so hard seeing and hearing the boys shot the marshmellows out. (they make a sound somewhat like a bodily function as they come out.. you know what happens with that and boys!!) They also received a knot tying game, very cool..

The planes I must say were a huge hit! We all got a kick out of playing with them. The weather was so Perfect that we went outside immediately to test them out! Thanks so much Titi, we love you GOBS!!!