Thursday, August 6, 2009

4th of July

We spent the 4th with George in Austin, which changed things up a bit from being able to shoot things at the house, to having to go somewhere to watch the fireworks. I am good either way, just as long as I see fireworks.

George's apartment there in Austin is just down the road from the Dell Diamond where the minor league Round Rock team plays. We headed down there because we heard there was going to be an awesome show there, and they did NOT disappoint. We headed down towards the ballpark and decided to park on the side of the road. We happened to pick an excellent spot right close to where they lit off the fireworks...

I have to say, that we all got a little "testy" with George because he just wouldn't park the car how we wanted him to, or should I say how I wanted him to. I wanted to sit out the back and see the fireworks from there, where he wanted to stay in the truck and see them from inside. What a patient and awesome husband I have.... He finally caved into my desires.. Bless his heart!! I love him to death!!!

In the end we all enjoyed the night... Hope you enjoy some of the pics too!!!

(Logan was reading a book and didnt' want to get where we were until the show actually started...Booger!!)

The boys are checking out the start of the fireworks show!

Crawdad time

I have lived in Texas most of my life, but only about 6 years total in North Texas. I have heard of crawdads, usually in association with cajun cooking, and I actually thought they were large shrimp.. I was WAAAYYY off! They are tiny lobsters as I came to find out!!

George and Jeremy went out crawdad fishing after one of our crazy North Texas storms and found what they said was a HUGE crawdad. They decided to bring it to me so I could see what the little fellas look like... Very interesting, but I just don't believe I could ever be as brave as George was as he picked up him up.. No way, no zay...